Growth Hacking Pro

Your marketing works abroad. There is a reasonable CPO, but you still get the feeling it could be taken to a new level. If this is the case, Growth Hacking Pro is the right next step for you.

With a team of Growth Hackers and local Shop Managers, we will develop, prioritise and test a number of ideas in 4-week iterations. After each period, we will present our ideas, analysis of results, and recommendations for which ideas to be set in motion.

Your Growth Hacker team

Our local specialists

Growth Hacker

We have a local team for each country that optimises webshops, monitors trends and localises texts and, most importantly, talks with customers from the country in question every day. 

Our marketing specialists are trained Growth Hackers. They have a wide skill set, are data driven, and are quick to put ideas into action. They drive the process and guarantee results. 


Be contacted by a specialist

Creating growth abroad is a challenge. There are skilled local competitors, and “best practice” is not always the same across every country. Let us get in touch with you and start a dialogue on how we can help you succeed abroad!  

What you get from us

Each month, our dedicated team will develop and prioritise at least 15 ideas for the improvement of growth and profitability in the relevant market. This is based on recognised Growth Hacking methods with a focus on data, technology and momentum.

  • 15 ideas developed and prioritised each month
  • Best 5 ideas tested each month
  • Full reporting of results
  • Successful ideas are assigned and prepared for implementation

Growth Hacking Pro means

Your current team handles the daily marketing, unaffected by our work

We focus on developing and testing ideas that generate significant market growth

Increased focus with two teams instead of one creates better results

Successful ideas are implemented in your organsiation

"Working with MakesYouLocal has given us access to local specialists for each country. This has allowed fast and cost-effective growth with localised webshops”

– Johannes Kayser, COO,


Let a fresh pair of eyes boost your sales!

We help more than 140 shops across 13 countries. In addition to providing a fresh pair of eyes, we have extensive experience, and apply best practice when looking at your shop. 

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