Kick-start your growth!

Is it difficult to win customers in your foreign webshops or do you just need a fresh pair of eyes on your online marketing abroad? This is where to start!

With the insights from our daily customer service dialogue and the experience from our skilled Growth Hackers, we will be able to kick-start your growth.

Your team

Native shop manager

The Growth Hacker

The native shop manager who speaks to your customers every day and knows your products and your strengths inside out. 

The trained Growth Hacker, with experience from many international marketing projects, a strong methodology, and a fast pace.

What we will do

Your shop manager and a Growth Hacker will work together. They will use the customer service reports, Google Analytics, and your competitor's online performance to:

  • Fine-tune your USP’s
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Review your basic marketing setup
  • Develop 5 campaign ideas ready to test online

The results

Optimised USP's based on a competitor analysis

Strong campaign ideas ready for implementation

Improved conversion and re-purchase rate

Smooth handover of knowledge and ideas

"Working with MakesYouLocal gives us access to a local specialist team for each market, making it possible for our company to grow in a way that is fast and cost-effective!"

– Johannes Kayser, COO,

Let a fresh pair of eyes lift your sales

We help more than 140 webshops across 13 countries. Besides offering a fresh pair of eyes, we are able to draw on our extensive experience and knowledge of local best practice when we go through your webshop.

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